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Pastor Louis Archibald Wisdom and Beryl Wisdom founded this ministry more than 29 years ago, in the hope of spreading the message of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the surrounding Pine Hills area. The Solid Rock (formerly Pine Hills) Seventh-day Adventist Church was of a humbled beginning. The church was started in a small chapel  in the Hiawassee/ Silverstar area with roughly 75 dedicated members. From those beginnings that church has grown into two blessed churches: the North Orlando Seventh-day Adventist Church and Solid Rock (Pine Hills) Seventh-day Adventist Church. Today, Solid Rock Seventh-day Adventist church has grown, by God's grace, to over 250 members and counting.


Pastor Louis Archibald Wisdom

Born in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica, in the district of Aboukir, Louis Wisdom always had a gift to excel. He attended the Ecclestor Methodist Elementary School where he received achievements in the first, second, and third year Pupil Teachers Examinations. These led to graduation from college as a school master. However this was short lived due to the enlistment in the Jamaica Reserve Regiment when World War II started. From this regiment, he was encouraged to join the Jamaica Constabulary which was in search of young recruits with special educational abilities. Within a short time, he was promoted to the rank of Sub-Officer in charge of Finance in the St. Andrew Division with Headquarters Offices at the Half Way Tree Road. 

God had a purpose for him. He was led by his beloved wife Beryl to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It became his ultimate goal to reach the people in whatever community he lived in. He did this through bible studies and building churches. He traveled To Canada and America, where he left his mark by raising up churches in Toronto, Canada, Bronx, New York and here in Orlando, Florida.  He fell asleep in the Lord on September 19, 1996. He will always be remembered and loved for his strong dedication to the work that he did and his straight forward attitude. His memory will live on not only with his children and grandchildren but with his church family also.



Pastor John Calvin Palmer

In the first third of the 21st century, God brought forth a baby boy in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica, West Indies. His parents named him John Calvin Palmer, a name which was shortened to JC by friends and peers. He attended a little one-room church school in March Town, later moving to Little London, Westmoreland, for continued education. From this humble beginning, JC developed into a “Boy Preacher,” holding church and open air meetings in an endeavor to bring men and women, boys and girls, into a saving relationship with Jesus, who had become the center of his life. John had the unusual distinction of being used by the Spirit of God to raise up churches long before he had the opportunity to attend West Indies College as a theology major.

When he was given the opportunity to attend West Indies College, he worked long hours while carrying a full load of classes. He was a diligent student and, despite his rigorous work load, he was always on the dean’s list. But even here, he was on the battlefield for his Lord, doing literature distribution, church and thatch booth meetings, making his mark on the community in the hills and valleys of Manchester. It was at the college where he met and later married the beautiful Ina May Harris. He graduated in 1950.

JC has had a rich and colorful ministry. His success as an Evangelist was among the highest in the West Indies Union Territory. As one of the first evangelists for West Jamaica Conference, he held a meeting in a place where no one expected the results that were obtained – 333 baptisms. He held evangelistic meetings not only all over the island of Jamaica, but also Haiti, Panama, Trinidad, and Canada, to name a few, where hundreds of precious souls have been baptized. 

Pastor Palmer and his family migrated to the United States, where he received the Doctorate of Ministry from Andrews University. He then served as a pastor evangelist for the Allegheny West Conference. In 1988, he and May returned to his Alma Mater and he served as the chairman of the Department of Religion and Theology, College Church Pastor, and chairman of the Church School Board. In 1993 the Palmer's returned to the United States to serve as the pastor of the Solid Rock (Pine Hills) SDA Church, from which he retired in 1996. Even after retirement, he held Bible Studies in his home, teaching and witnessing for the Lord.

Until he drew his last breath, he held on to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of his faith.



Pastor Newton King

Newton King, a graduate of the University of the Southern Caribbean located in Trinidad and Tobago (also his native land) received his Bachelor's degree in Theology. Following this achievement, he came to the United States to continue his studies at Andrews University and Western Michigan University where he obtained Masters' in Religion and Psychology.

The Lord blessed his ministry as he pastored in the Southern Caribbean Conference and practiced Psychology in the Michigan area. After many years, his ministry was utilized at the Solid Rock (Pine Hills) Seventh-day Adventist church where he, with his helpmeet at his side Dr. Syllette King and their two children, pastored for over 14 years. He is now pastoring at the University S.D.A. church in Orlando, Florida.



Dr. Keith Harding

Dr. Keith R. Harding came to the Solid Rock (formerly Pine Hills) Church in August 2010. Prior to coming to this church, he served as Senior Pastor for the Maranatha Church in Miami Gardens, South Florida for over 13 years.

He was born in Hanover, Jamaica West Indies. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica and there after obtained a Master’s Degree from Andrews University, Berrien Springs Michigan, USA. He also attended Argosy University in Sarasota Florida where he earned his Doctorate in Pastoral Community Counseling.

He is married to the former Claudette Garbutt of Belize, an Educator of over 40 years. They have two young adult children. 

Dr. Harding has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in various capacities for over 40 years. He served as Pastor Evangelist, Conference Departmental Director, and Educator. In addition, he had served on various executive bodies of the church at different levels. He also held membership in various civic organizations. His primary goal is to see continued growth spiritually, numerically and physically.



Pastor Samuel M. Dade Jr.

Sam Dade came to us on February 16, 2019. Prior to coming to this, church, he served as Senior Pastor for the Patmos Chapel, in Winter Park, Florida for 8 years. 

He is loved and admired for his genuine love for people, unwavering devotion/love for God and family. He is a graduate of Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, MD with a degree in Theology.  

He is married to Annette Dade of Barbados, West Indies. They have four adult children and four grand children.

Pastor Dade has been in ministry over 33 years. He has a strong multicultural background and believes in Christ Centered Unity, embracing diversity and inclusion of all people.

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